We live and work in Tanzania, and can personally assure your well-being in one of the safest African nations. We guarantee that we handle our own operations, and do not outsource our services to other companies.

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Nomad Explorer Tours invites you on an enchanting journey of Tanzania. Our custom-tailored private safaris offer an adventure of a lifetime, with the flexibility to fully immerse yourself and explore the natural beauty surrounding you.
We are a Maasai-owned tour operator based in Moshi & Arushi Tanzania. Our goal is to plan and personalize every detail of your journey, while always keeping your safety and comfort in mind. Every safari is a private and all-inclusive expedition. From our seamless arrangements to the safari itself, we strive to provide an unparalleled experience that inspires you. Take a journey through the unspoiled living landscapes of Tanzania in our safe, modified safari vehicles. We will be your personal guides through this rare animal kingdom, where the largest concentration of wildlife in the world roam free.

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Best Tanzania Safaris

You can choose your next Tanzania safari tour in this list or just send us an email for a tailor made trip that will suit your needs and ideas but also budget. See you in Africa on your next Tanzania safari trips.

Mount Kilimanjaro Climbing Trips

Climbing Kilimanjaro is completely an experience of a lifetime! Check out our best Kilimanjaro trekking itineraries and all you need to know about climbing Kilimanjaro. Make your reservation for a Kilimanjaro tour today!



Available Kilimanjaro Climb Group To Join 2024/2025

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  • 7 Days 6 Nights Lemosho Route  Join Group

    15 June – 21 June 2024

    7 Days 6 Nights Lemosho Route  Join Group

    5 July – 11 July 2024

  • 6 Days 5 Night Machame Route Join Group

    09 July – 14 July 2024

    7 Days 6 Night Machame Route Join Group

    13 July – 20 July 2024

  • 6 Days 5 Night Marangu Route Join Group

    5 July – 11 July 2024

    5 Days 4 Night Marangu Route Join Group

    07 July – 12 July 2024

  • 8 Days 7 Night Lemosho Route Join Group

    02 July – 9 July 2024

    8 Days 7 Night Lemosho Route Join Group

    12 July – 20 July 2024

  • 6 Days 5 Night Machame Route Join Group

    1 July – 6 July 2024

  • 6 Days 5 Night Lemosho Route  Join Group

    03 October – 9 October 2024


Our Travel Style

Tourism is a major industry in Tanzania, so it follows that there are many choices of where to stay when you visit. Where you go will pare down some of your options, but your choices can also be informed by how you wish to experience Tanzania, rather than just where you wish to visit.

There are four ‘styles’ that every accommodation in Tanzania can be sorted into: Basic, Mid-Range, luxury and Luxury plus. Each of them has its own unique appeal, so consider how best you’d like to experience your stay in Tanzania when making your choice. What do you envision when you think about the trip of a lifetime exprience?

Optional Activities During Tanzania Adventure Safari

We Are Making More Possible Trips As We Bring You Day Tripsl!By Visiting Our Beautfull Country Side Tours,You Don’t Just Travel Around A Country, You Travel Through It..!

5 hours (Approximately)

Materuni Waterfalls Tour

7 hours (Approximately)

Olpopongi Maasai Day Tour

5 hours (Approximately)

Chemka Hotspring Water

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Accommodation in Moshi

The Secret Garden Hotel

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The Secret Garden Hotel

Fully serviced B&B to meet all your needs.

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